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The global Internet of Things (IoT) market will reach approximately $1.7 trillion by 2020, with purpose-built platforms, storage, security, application software & “as a service” offerings expected to capture a large percentage of revenue as the market matures.

According to Gartner, IoT will require a new approach to analytics. “New analytical tools & algorithms are needed now, but as data volumes increase through 2021, the needs of the IoT may diverge further from traditional analytics”. The currency of IoT will be “data.” But, this new currency only has value if the masses of data can be translated into insights & information which can be converted into concrete actions that will transform businesses, change people’s lives, & effect social change. John Tesla’s focus on collaboration & partnership with existing ecosystems of devices & visionary infrastructure will help bridge the gap between data & meaningful usable data & analytics. John Tesla offers a wide array of devices to empower consumers.

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Home Automation Devices

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Temperature & humidity monitor

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16 zone sprinkler timer/irrigation

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Air quality monitoring system

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Garage door monitor

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Security system monitor

healthcare & lifestyle offerings


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Blood Pressure Monitor

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Smart weight scales

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Pulse Oximeter

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Glucose Meter

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Pregnancy & Women’s health monitors

Applications of these devices include

Chronic care management, healthcare & fitness, medication management & personal health record management.


Cloud services remain critical to the development of an infrastructure that can support IoT deployments. John Tesla has a proven stellar infrastructure to support & capitalize on the market demand for connected devices.

Cloud services/platforms are designed to meet the demand for instant processing of data generated by millions of connected devices & IoT applications – in addition to the demand for enterprise mobility management, business intelligence & real-time analytics. Existing legacy networks are unable to handle the massive amounts of data generated by connected devices & big data. Cloud will continue to play a critical & expanding role for organizations to meet their data storage needs as the IoT ecosystem expands & grows.

John Tesla relies is an early adopter of the Cloud technology. Cloud supports the IoT ecosystem by offering & delivering enhanced security, allowing for scalability & providing network reliability. John Tesla is committed the security of your data. The cloud services portal complies with industry standard practices. There are multiple layers of security at the device & application level, database level & encryption during transmission. The portal is secured through TCP over secure socket layer & HTTPS security. By implementing a trusted cloud security service, consumers & organizations can better secure & segment information across devices, networks & physical boundaries.

For businesses & organizations it is difficult to predict the data explosion caused by connected devices. An on-demand scalable cloud solution enables IT departments to adjust their storage needs to meet a growing influx of data & devices.

John Tesla’s experience with the Managed Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) can help businesses take advantage of the speed & flexibility of the cloud, without sacrificing functionality. John Tesla provides reliable cloud services to support business continuity & disaster recovery to ensure network reliability.

collaboration with its partners




This API empowers any device manufacturer/implementer to integrate their IoT device into the John Tesla iCloud portal seamlessly. They can utilize the power & data analytics of the John Tesla portal by getting their device certified through John Tesla.



This API empowers the IoT device users to use their data in a more meaningful way. The user will have the ability to download their data at any time from the portal in a csv format.



This API allows partners to implement data integration with leading industry home automation & patient care systems & platforms. This will enable the John Tesla IoT device consumers to have a seamless total solution focused on their lifestyle & healthcare needs.

Data integration & actionable information are the heart of collection & analysis of IoT data. John Tesla will be your technology partner by providing expertise, & processes that support integration, reporting, decision making, & action – keeping your data secure, your infrastructure scalable & your network reliable.